Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy specializes in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of both acute and chronic muscle, bone and joint injuries as they pertain to both athletic and everyday activities. 

Athletic Therapists treat a wide range of patients and injuries, from young children suffering from sprains and fractures to seniors recovering from hip replacement surgery, using various treatment techniques such as massage, stretching, prescriptive exercise and other heat and electrical modalities (including interferential current, pre-mod, and TENS).

What is the difference between Athletic Therapists and Physiotherapists?

Athletic Therapists are musculoskeletal injury specialists and therefore focus on the assessment and management of musculoskeletal injuries.  As a result, they follow the sports medicine model of rehabilitation, which does not involve the treatment of respiratory, cardiovascular and major neurological conditions.

If I’m not a competitive athlete, can I still see an Athletic Therapist?

Absolutely!  While the name may be deceiving, Athletic Therapy can be tailored to suit any individual’s needs.  The primary goal of any Athletic Therapist is to help any injured individual get back to what they want to do!

What should I bring/expect from my first appointment?

For any Athletic Therapy treatment, please bring with you a pair of shorts and a tank top/t-shirt. 

During the first appointment, the majority of the time will be spent conducting an in-depth initial assessment followed by a short treatment.  The assessment is used to determine the nature and severity of your injury while also providing valuable information to create a follow-up treatment plan. 

Subsequent treatments incorporate a combination of manual therapy techniques, heat and electrical modality application, prescriptive exercise and home care programming.