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BEcky Adams

Certified ATHLETIC Therapist


Becky graduated from the University of Manitoba in June 2017 with a Bachelor of Kinesiology - Athletic Therapy degree.  After graduation, Becky became a Canadian Athletic Therapists Association Certified Athletic Therapist in November 2017.

Since 2014, Becky has worked in numerous clinic and sports teams settings with individuals of all ages and athletic ability.  In the clinical setting, Becky utilizes a combination of manual massage therapy and stretching techniques, therapeutic modalities (including heat, ultrasound, interferential current, pre-mod, and TENS) and exercise to create comprehensive treatment plans for each individual.

Outside of the clinic, Becky is the Athletic Therapist for numerous high school and provincial level sports teams.  Since 2015, she has worked and continues to work with high school boys hockey, high school co-ed Ultimate frisbee and the Provincial Junior Speed Skating team.  As the team therapist, Becky treats individuals with a wide variety of injuries ranging from minor sprains and strains, to complex fractures and major head and spinal injuries. 

Becky loves working with people of all ages and injuries.  Helping clients get back to doing what they love is always her primary goal.  She has developed a particular interest in helping young people with their injuries, as she sees early treatment and injury education as crucial to individuals being able to live a long and healthy life.

When she isn’t busy in the clinic or with a team, Becky is busy competing in the sport of equestrian showjumping.  She has travelled to competitions in both Canada and the United States and believes that life-long activity and pursuing your passions is key in creating a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.