Hot Stone Massage

Come to a place of harmony and balance within. 

Beat the chills this winter with a luxurious Hot Stone Massage. With heated volcanic basalt stones, a specialty trained RMT will knead away winter’s cold in a grounding 90 minute appointment. The heat seeping out of the smooth stones causes deep relaxation of your muscles, and rids your body of the stress and tension that can come from the busy pre-holiday season.

Hot Stone Massage will calm your nervous system, allowing your body to rest and digest. The heat and pressure from the stones increases your overall circulation, providing the important fuel to keep your body functioning at maximum capacity. Improved immune function through the movement of lymph will assist you in fighting off that winter cold or flu, and increase your body’s ability to detox and cleanse. Feel your tightly knotted muscles release faster and more efficiently, through the application of damp penetrating heat.

Equilibrium currently has three therapists specially trained to provide you with this total body experience, each with their own unique style.