Happy New Year! EQ Welcomes 2015

Written By: Jenna McMahon, RMT

"The deeper our roots go, the taller we will be able to grow"

Exhale. The end of 2014 marked the busiest period of the entire year for us at Equilibrium. Along with each of you, over the last few weeks we too began to enjoy a slightly slower pace, and a more organized and settled routine. As a collective, our city seems to be enjoying a gentle integration into 2015 by keeping warm and snuggled up.

It feels odd to open our new blog with a cliche phrase, but honestly "out with the old, and in with the new" really was a predominant theme for us at Equilibrium in 2014. One year ago, I met with my team and set an intention for the year: that we refine our brand, and relaunch a new face that better represents who we had become in the years passed. I felt that after much ground work and laying of strong foundation, we had moved into a season that called for fresh growth and expansion.

Wow, did we get more than we even knew we would! The "EQWellnessTeam" grew in leaps and bounds together, and as the year wrapped I can easily say that we are the strongest we have ever been. Each individual therapist grew within themselves and within their own practices, learned new skills through continuing education, and together as a whole we worked to help the healing processes of many. I am so grateful for the opportunity to see how much Equilibrium was able to grow over the course of one single year.  

As we sit here today, Equilibrium has been open for 5 years! After 13 years of practice myself, I have gone from dreaming on my own to working with a stellar team of people. Anyone who offered an ear to listen along the way (big hugs to those you did!) would say that ultimately my dream was this:  to create a place where anyone seeking to achieve better balance within their life, could find support and empowerment. This is speaking not only for the patrons of our city looking for specialized complimentary care, but also for the team that worked within it. I envisioned building a platform for thriving practitioners to share their skills, and a place where those in need could easily integrate them into their regular wellness routines through "one stop" at our centre. To have a vision in mind and heart , and see it finally and fully come to fruition is such a gift.

I am also incredibly passionate about community outreach and involvement. This year I cannot wait to see how much more Equilibrium can expand as an outlet to spread wellness far beyond the boundaries of all that we do in our office. As we revisit "Our Favourite Things" about 2014, you will see that along with a refresh of our brand last year, we also began to lay down the groundwork for more community service outside of the centre. In a very organic way, the deeper our roots go the taller we will be able to grow each year.

This blog will serve as our first and newest outlet for you to connect with our team beyond the treatment table. Stay tuned as we not only recap all the best of 2014, but bring you new sources of knowledge and invite you to join us on our journeys toward expansion in 2015.

Yours in Kindness,

Jenna McMahon  RMT, Owner